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Hair Mineral Analysis

A mineral imbalance could be causing your health issues and hair loss. This intense program works to restore your hair and health through detoxification, healthy eating, supplements, and lifestyle coaching.


30-Day Liver Health Challenge

If you're experiencing symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, headaches, joint pain, and other unexplained illnesses, it's possible that your liver could be the root cause. This 30-day challenge is designed to help you improve your liver and overall health.


Health & Wellness Academy

When you begin your health & wellness journey, you are inviting yourself to explore your inner self. Check out our wellness academy to get started.


Gut Health

In order to determine the health of your gut wall and your microbiota, functional testing may be performed. With the help of Stool Analysis, you can figure out what’s flourishing in your intestines, what’s taking over, and what requires attention.

Hair Products

Healthy Hair Journey

Start your healthy hair journey with my nutrient-rich hair and scalp products. My products are developed with love and the highest quality natural ingredients to provide your hair and scalp with nutrients and minerals promoting growth and strength helping you to love your hair again!

Digital Books

Digital eBooks

Enjoy my simple and nutritious recipes, health tips, hair hacks, and weight loss hacks on the go with my digital ebooks!

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