Meet Debbie

Debbie Williams is a Board-Certified Nutritionist & Holistic Practitioner. She is also a Hair & Scalp Specialist, Educator, and Author.

Motivated by her passion for hair and scalp disorders, Debbie has expanded her expertise to nutrition and wellness for the whole body. She helps women and men who struggle not only with hair loss and issues with their scalp but also with concerns about their overall health by providing education and clinical services to help them.

Debbie has been recognized and seen on ABC, Fox News, CBS,, The Zoe Report, Sister Circle and many health-related blogs.

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7-Day Reset Challenge

If you're experiencing symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, headaches, joint pain, and other unexplained illnesses, it's possible that your gut or liver could be the root cause. This 7-day challenge is designed to help you improve your liver, gut and overall health.

Hair Products

Healthy Hair Journey

Start your healthy hair journey with my nutrient-rich hair and scalp products. My products are developed with love and the highest quality natural ingredients to provide your hair and scalp with nutrients and minerals promoting growth and strength helping you to love your hair again!


Juicing 101 for Beginners

Juicing isn't just a fad; it's a powerful tool for transforming your health and well-being. But to make it a sustainable part of your life, you need to learn the ropes. That’s exactly what the Juicing 101 For Beginners Course is all about.


Group Consultation

If you're needing help in your health and wellness journey, you're in the right place! During these exclusive group sessions, I will address your concerns and offer tailored solutions that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to become the healthiest version of you. Group consultations are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month.


Hair Mineral Analysis

A mineral imbalance could be causing your health issues and hair loss. This intense program works to restore your hair and health through detoxification, healthy eating, supplements, and lifestyle coaching.


Gut Health

In order to determine the health of your gut wall and your microbiota, functional testing may be performed. With the help of Stool Analysis, you can figure out what’s flourishing in your intestines, what’s taking over, and what requires attention.

Happy Clients Say it Best


Hair Mineral Analysis

For the last eight weeks I've been sticking to the diet, drinking celery juice, and taking the vitamins. My hair is now growing in areas that have been bald for over seven years! I’m so excited! I keep you posted as it continues to grow


Hair Mineral Analysis

I booked a consultation with Debbie and did a hair mineral analysis. I discussed many things with Debbie from hair loss issues to skin problems. Debbie went through a lot of steps with me such as foods to avoid and many other things. After about a month or two, my skin literally became so clear. Now I hardly have any acne. My skin cleared up because I followed all the steps Debbie gave me. It’s been a game changer.


7-Day No Sugar Challenge

I thought the 7 Day No Sugar Challenge was great! I feel energetic! So worth the try to at least get your body started!


7-Day Reset Course

My energy is amazing, my gut feels great and I even lost that last little bit of baby weight that had been hanging around for over 5 years.


Hair Mineral Analysis

The conversation was informative, precise and I walked away with clearity about my hair journey. Thanks for being honest and transparent about everything we went over, and I will definitely be recommending family and friends to you for a Hair Mineral Analysis.


Hair & Scalp Meds Customer

I love your products! My stylist and I have seen BIG changes in my growth, fullness , as well as health of my Hair!

Health & Wellness Programs

Start Your Health Journey With Debbie

Hair Mineral Analysis

An intense program to restore your hair and health through detoxification, healthy eating, supplements, and lifestyle coaching.

Gut Health Testing

Your gut plays a major role in your health. Taking a gut health test may be the first step to take your life back and restoring your health.

Digital Courses

Develop new healthy habits and change your way of life through my health and wellness programs.

Digital Books

Enjoy my simple and nutritious recipes, health tips, hair hacks, and weight loss hacks on the go.