Your Gut is Making You Sick!

Your Gut is Making You Sick!

” All Disease Begins In The Gut!”

– Hippocrates

For many years, my own health and the education of others on their health and well-being have been two of my greatest loves.

After losing two sisters to lupus, I started a health journey to unsolve the mystery illness syndrome.

Mystery illness syndrome is when you are sick and feeling bad. However, your doctor tells you that they can’t find anything wrong and all of your lab work came back fine. So it’s a mystery to them.

You know that something is wrong, and you’re not crazy. That back pain is real. The bloating is getting worse. Your hair is falling out and thinning. The anxiety is overwhelming, and the sleepless nights are overtaking your days.

The real problem may be nutritional deficiency or gut health issues. Unfortunately, conventional doctors have overlooked these two health problems.

Many conventional doctors do not take the time to look for the root cause of a disease. Most only manage it.

I want to help you find the root cause of your health issue, not manage it.

As a holistic professional, my mission is to educate and promote healthy, mindful living and help people understand that we are products of our diet and self-care.

Health and wellness are my passions, and I hope to inspire others to adopt healthier lifestyles by sharing my knowledge

Hippocrates had said that “All disease begins in the gut.” Would you believe that 2500 years later, science now agrees? For decades many doctors dismissed the gut as the root cause of disease; however, this is now changing. Many doctors now know that good health begins in the gut.

Yes, your gut plays a major role in your health. Your gut is important for your immune system, digestive tract, brain, heart, hair & skin. It’s also responsible for how you feel, think and sleep.

Allergies, inflammation, autoimmune disease, digestive issues, brain fog, fatigue, acne, and mental health are just a few of the health issues affected by your gut

The Gut Microbiome

There are trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi living in your body. The term “microbiome” refers to this group of organisms.

While certain bacteria are related to illness, others are critical for your immune system, heart, weight, and various other health factors.

The gut microbiome influences the body from birth and controls digestion, immunity, the central nervous system, and other biological functions.

These microbes exist mainly inside your intestines and on your skin.

If your gut isn’t healthy, nothing is healthy.

Taking a gut health test may be the first step to take your life back and promote self-care.

How can I help?

In order to determine the health of your gut wall and your microbiota, functional testing may be performed. With the help of Stool Analysis, you can figure out what’s flourishing in your intestines, what’s taking over, and what requires attention. Then, I’ll be able to choose the appropriate prebiotics and probiotics to help repair the gut wall, decrease inflammation, and support detoxification. In addition, I will suggest herbal remedies that help restore the gut wall and enhance digestion to promote a healthy microbiome. I can also create the right nutrition plan and lifestyle adjustments to help improve your overall health.

The great news is that you can take a gut health test from home at a discounted price. Click the button below to get your at-home gut test and use code ASKDEBBIE for a discount.

Get A Gut Health Test
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