Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Your Key to Better Health

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Your Key to Better Health

Olive oil’s health advantages are unparalleled, and new benefits are being discovered almost daily via study. One of the most important dietary staples of the world’s longest-living societies, olive oil is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

With 73% monounsaturated oleic acid combined with saturated fat, omega 6, and omega-three fatty acids, the physical benefits of olive oil are unmatched!

With several kinds of olive oils out in the market, extra virgin olive oil supersedes its counterparts in terms of benefits. It one-ups other oils in all departments, taste, cooking diversity, and healthiness!

With that said, there is no denying that extra virgin olive oil is the premium quality oil available in the market and is free of any chemicals and preservatives.

Its rich monounsaturated fat consistency packs a myriad of health benefits and is a healthy choice for domestic use. In addition, its richness in antioxidants will keep your joints, heart, brain in shape.

So, under the light of credible research, let’s discover the actual benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil!

  • Higher Amounts of Antioxidants

Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with a high amount of antioxidants, which help in reducing the risk of many diseases, including chronic illnesses.

Not only do they eliminate free radicals from body cells, but they also prevent the damage caused by oxidation.

If not taken care of in time, free radicals may cause cell damage, leading to diseases such as arthritis, immune deficiency, respiratory disease, and other fatal diseases such as cancer and CVDs.

With higher oleic acids, extra virgin olive oil helps neutralize free radicals and boosts overall health.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Capabilities

As discussed earlier, the high saturation of oleocanthal in extra virgin olive oil causes it to work as an anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, it contains phenols that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Phenol also plays a vital role in killing cancer cells and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. To put things into perspective, oleocanthal present in extra virgin olive oil works quite similarly to standard ibuprofen.

  • Prevention of Heart Disease

Heart diseases are the number one reason for premature deaths across the globe.

Higher consumption of extra virgin olive oil is observed to prevent heart diseases. This is because extra virgin olive oil features active compounds that help lower blood pressure and prevent arteries from tightening.

As per documented studies, people who regularly consume extra virgin olive oil have 9% fewer chances of catching heart diseases than those who do not.

The study also documented that people who consume extra virgin olive oil regularly have 11% lesser chances of dying early when compared to those who don’t consume.

  • Stroke Prevention

Extra virgin olive oil plays a vital role in stroke prevention. For example, it is now well documented that people using extra virgin olive oil have 41% lower chances of dying from strokes.

Consuming olive oil helps replace unhealthy fats and add high monounsaturated fat content. The combined effect of all the nutrients above and high antioxidants cast a highly positive impact on the heart.

  • High Nutrition Value

If you intend to increase the nutritional value of your food, there is no better way of doing it than replacing it with extra virgin olive oil.

Antioxidants present in the oil are heat resistant. This prevents them from breaking down and instead gets fully absorbed in the food. In addition to this, at times, the oil also helps retain some nutrients that otherwise would’ve been lost in the cooking process.

Replacement of cooking oil with extra virgin olive oil is highly beneficial because, at the very least, it retains the overall nutritional value and, in some cases, increases the overall nutritional value.

  • Increased Bone Health

Thanks to its richness in polyphenol, extra virgin olive oil prevents bones from getting weak. In addition, due to the increased breakdown of calcium, olive oils cause the bone to reabsorb, increasing bone formation.

Individuals who consume higher amounts of extra virgin olive oils have a 51% lesser chance of bone fractures.

  • Cancer Prevention

There’s no second opinion that our dietary habits considerably impact cancer risk. For example, people with higher extra virgin olive oil consumption have lower chances of developing breast cancer and gastrointestinal cancer. In addition, extra virgin olive oil also provides an added layer of protection against diabetes.

Oleocanthal contents present in extra virgin olive oil play a vital role in this regard. Furthermore, being an antioxidant, it forms during the malaxation process and is not available in any other food source.

  • Brain Health

A diet featuring a higher intake of extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for brain health. It reduces the risk of age-related dementia and Alzheimers. The phenolic components of the oil help fight compounds and prevent brain degeneration.

Multiple studies have documented that people with a higher intake of extra virgin olive oils have an increased chance of averting cognitive decline than people with a low-fat diet.

  • Boosts Skin Health and Hair Growth.

The oil contains high vitamin E contents. With each extra virgin oil tablespoon, you’ll get around 1.9 mg of vitamin E along with a high quantity of antioxidants. Vitamin E helps to strengthen hair and promotes hair growth. It also enhances your body’s defense against eye problems.

  • Fights Depression

The anti Inflammatory capabilities coupled with hormone balancing helps in preventing neurotransmitter dysfunction. Diets with lower fat content have a higher chance of causing

anxiety and depression. Lack of dopamine and serotonin causes severe depression and anxiety. However, a higher intake of extra virgin olive oil guarantees a steady flow of antioxidants, which helps in mood regulation.

  • The Bottom Line
While it is true that the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are unrivaled, it is, however, of utmost importance that you get yourself the correct type of olive oil.

You must look out for counterfeit within the olive oil market. For example, bottles are labeled deceptively as “extra virgin” when they are actually nothing more than refined oil with diluted consistency.

Checking for quality certifications and going through the ingredients list will most likely save you from fraud.

Here is a list of things to look for when you are buying quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Must have a harvest date
  • Must be in a dark glass bottle
  • Must be certified organic
  • It must be “Extra Virgin”
Here are two of my favorite high-quality, certified organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil brands to purchase on Amazon.
  • Olizzi Premium Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin
  • Atlas 1 LT Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tablespoon of EVOO is a great way to start your day and jumpstart your health journey. Check out this video on why you should drink EVOO first thing in the morning.

1 tablespoon of EVOO is a great way to start your day and jumpstart your health journey. Check out this video on why you should drink EVOO first thing in the morning.

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